CodersFirst Manifesto

We've been interviewed and we are interviewing. Having this experience we created a list of things we believe in and which motivates us to push the envelope everyday.

1. Hiring is broken.
Hiring usually takes too long and is biased.

Credentials (ex. university degrees, past experience) don’t predict how good someone will be at coding, instead it might introduce human biases that can hold back some candidates. Read more about credentials-blind process.

2. Exploring the full potential
Nobody know everything - that's ok! But current recruitment process is designed to uncover shortcomings instead of discovering a full potential.
3. Standardization
Technical evaluation in the hiring process should be always defined, structured and standardized to apply a clear scoring system, not gut feelings. How to compare candidates otherwise?
4. Feedback
Taking a part in the evaluation should be constantly associated with receiving the result and truthful feedback on how we did. There is no other way for candidates to improve their skills.
5. Compensation statistics should be public
6. Hiring process should be constantly improved
7. Recruiting shouldn't be a core competency for companies.
Hiring managers have always a substantial negotiating power when it comes to salary and equity negotiations as they have more data than candidates. This is unfair.

Like every business process in the company hiring should be measured for accuracy, iterated  and optimized. Looking for best practices will pay off in company performance.

Companies should focus on building their product and developing their services not on searching, screening and evaluating each potential hire. It happens because existing recruitment methods used by external staffing firms are not efficient and trustworthy.

Here you can check how background-blind process works