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Why CodersFirst?

The existing hiring process is broken. A CV is still mostly used as a first filter.

Hiring decisions are biased and based on gut feelings - this holds back many great programmers.


At CodersFirst we want to improve it. Our hiring process is completely credentials - blind and designed to discover the full potential. Decisions made are measured for accuracy. We promise to never stop improving our hiring process even if this involves to change it completely over time.

Loved by programmers

CodersFirst is analyzing both sides: developers and companies. Thanks to this approach they are able to match candidates and employers correctly. I can say without a doubt that their recruitment process is reliable and useful and I would use them again.

Recruiting with CodersFirst was a very satisfying experience. It was fast, unintrusive and perfectly matched. I will back as they already have verified my skills, have a very good network in Germany and understand my needs.

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