We fast-track Software Engineers to

final interviews in one step

No CV's, no time-wasting. Take the quiz,

get feedback on your engineering abilities, and

let us route you to tech companies you like best.

Fast-track to your next job

Tech hiring is broken. At CodersFirst, we are creating a new process that is backed by scientific methods instead of a gut feeling.

Our approach removes all typical recruitment steps that don't work, focuses on your strengths, and gets you offers that best match your skills and needs.

No screening calls, home tasks,

pair programming in between.


Final Interview

Final Interview

Final Interview

Final Interview

STEP 1: Discover your engineering strengths

One technical quiz and interview

Discover your skills with one structured quiz and interview. Benefit from multidimensional feedback to improve and grow your abilities.

STEP 2: Get offers that match your strengths and preferences

A job that fits you,
at a top tech company you like

We only match you with top tech companies actively seeking engineers like you. No offers from companies where technology isn’t a core.

We work with great companies

We work with tech companies of different sizes, stages, and industries.

All of them allow our technically pre-screened engineers to skip resume screens.

We add new companies every week.

Why CodersFirst?


Our process skips typical recruitment steps and offers a fast-track to final interviews.


Abilities are always more important than CVs.


Discover your strengths and weaknesses. Use our tech feedback to grow your skills.


Top tech companies that are actively seeking engineers like you.


It's free for Software Engineers and will always be.


We believe that just like software, developing a functional hiring process also requires iterative improvements.

CodersFirst is analyzing both sides: developers and companies. Thanks to this approach they are able to match candidates and employers correctly. I can say without a doubt that their recruitment process is reliable and useful and I would use them again.

Recruiting with CodersFirst was a very satisfying experience. It was fast, unintrusive and perfectly matched. I will back as they already have verified my skills, have a very good network in Germany and understand my needs.

Not looking for a job at this stage?

No problem! Answer a few questions and we’ll contact you when we get offers from companies matching your criteria. You can take the quiz whenever you’re ready!